where is my eye cream T_T

My clinique eye cream has been missing for 3 days ever since my maid (Bless her heart) cleared my uber messy table.
It’s totally goneeeee.

I havent had a chance to ask her cause when I wake up in the morning, I’m rushing out as I’m late. WHen I come back, she’s sleeping or something.
Woe is me with irritated eye lids.


I seriously can’t wait for CNY!
I want to go to Far East Plaza soon to get more stuff! Saw a real cute pair of heels when I was there and coincidentally met Jo!
But…. at the same time I’m eggcitied for cny, omo, I’m going back soon (T_T)

Will look forward to making new friends though! (^3^)
Tomorrow, on my mother’s urging (and expense) I’m giving out gifts around the office ! Even to super boss who knows my mum and have no idea i’m probably here (=_=)||

I hope they like it, cause I like it! Haha.
It starts with a C!! And it’s R-brand. Though I like G-brand but wtf they were so ex! My ex-company I interned at got G brand coz it was the only one there at the mall haha. The wrapping and everything was nice too! R brand not so nice. But it’s all C anyway~

Have you figured it out yet? Haha.


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  1. 1

    your smartest daughter said,

    i know! the one that i always like to eat! and it’s sometimes on offer at woolies for 1.99! hehehehehe

  2. 3

    儿子 said,

    I also knowwwww!!

    Ch_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from Ro _ _ _ instead of Go _ _ _ _!

    Jiejie we are so smart. I think we would pwn at hangman :D

  3. 6

    your smartest daughter said,

    EH I KNOW IS CHOCS! i meant chocs in general! just that timtams = chocs ma hEE

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