I’m feeling under the weather again!!
Anyone who wants quick money ($50 i think!), my company, Dentsu Singapore needs girls for focus groups! BUT! You must use hair products (colouring and styling) ! Also it may be like one hour or something with lotsa questions. Also it’s 10,11 or 12th Feb! If you are interested, text me or something k! The office’s at Tanjong Pagar. I’m going too! Hurhur $50 I want! I’ll be able to get more shoes or something haha! :P

I’m super happy! I gave out Royce choco and everyone was happy and impressed! Exp HR lady whom I love! She’s always super cute!!

I got good evaluations and my awesomesauce supervisor sent me an email the boss sent saying he liked my work and was happy cause she told me but i was like “huh when did he say that” so that was proof for me haha.

I love Dentsu Spore! Woo!

But back to sickyness, OMG WHEN WILL I RECOVER.
Must be the icecream yesterday!!

Had super fun with the oz gang!
I dug my own stupid grave and have been awarded a new nickname haha.
But I provided entertainment for everyone ok! at my own expense somemore haha.
I laughed till my cheeks were cramped hahaha!
Mahjong Monday at Joson’s and I can’t wait to pick up the art of mahjong! I hope I dont cause a headache to everyone cause of my stupidity haha.

Awaiting work to be over! Hope it doesnt rain!
I hope I get private transport back too (T_T)
I have a headache now o(T^T)o


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  1. 1

    K said,

    can i go for the focus group!!? =D

  2. 3

    Joy said,

    hey, when u going back again ah?

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