I HATE orchard central’s carpark.
You go up more than 7 stories going round round baby round round.

Finally today after coming down from the carpark, I went home and threw up :/
I had a headache that made me feel like the world was spinning (T_T)
I took 2 panadol pills and went to bed after I showered (that was about 4/5pm)
Now I’m awake (1am) because of a fucking nightmare.

It started off something like if I can’t accomplish this, one of my greatest fears will come through the door.
And what do ya know, the shitty black shit of an alien popped out.
Then the image changed into a semi-movie/video game thing in which I was playing it.. .
Argh, when I woke up I was still very sleepy but when I tried to change my dream or thinking, everything just linked back to it.

*full of fail* :(

Why can’t my childhood trauma be something normal huh?
People are scared of ghosts and stuff.
Me? A fucking butt-ugly alien.

… sighhhhh.

In utter coincidence, taichou apologised to me on plurk for teasing me about my sheer fear of the thing because he rewatched it and realised how creepy it was for a kid. FINALLY! Someone who understood me haha.
Love ya taichou!

Watching IMR now to wash away my nightmare (=_=)

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