run run run

After purchasing weird running shoes from Nike (ok la they looked not too bad) I went running with the elder brother today and I honestly felt like I was going to die from my insides exploding. (Vivid gory image, I know)

Bro said it was because I havent ran for so long. Which is true. The last time I ran, I was in sec 4. hahaa.
We are going to aim to do alternate days now cause you are not supposed to run everyday cause then your body would be used to it, and thus won’t burn anymore fats.

After feeling like dead meat, I asked if swimming was a better choice after all I heard swimming burnt more. But my elder brother responded “no, running is the best. Swimming is not going to help when there’s a zombie invasion.” And immediately I thought of myself swimming away from zombies to no avail. Haha!

Besides running, apparently doing jumping jets will help but it will hurt your knees or something though I dont’ really see how.. hmmm…

Because I’m not recovering from my illness, I’m going to see the doctor again on Tuesday/ Wednesday.
And I’m going to also ask them about my poor hand and my headaches.
Cause I got a headache today again!
It’s been so many days in a row I’m starting to feel a bit worried :/

I finally bought lotsa beauty stuff today~ Since I got paid I thought I could splurge hhehe.
Mum got me a Panasonic epilator WHOO. Dentsu’s incharge of the advertisement too and while I was doing tearsheets I read all about it haha.
Amongst others:
1. dhc eyelash tonic (loreal’s one smelt bad and i cldnt find it anyway)
2. eye puchi cause i give up hoping my falsies create a line (sometimes my hidden double eyelid shows, sometimes it doesnt =_=)
3. eyelid sticker (Was on promo heyyy)
4. Heroine mask x2! Even though it was freaking $8 per piece I like the packaging and heard it was good!

I also bought scawaii, having already bought popteen the other day.
I definitely want to buy mascara!!
Anna sui’s one is actually pretty good but I’m hearing lotsa good stuff about maybeline though i dont really use drugstore brands :/
I’m super dismayed i coudltn find the correct canmake eyelashes I saw in scawaii at watsons and that dollywink has not been restocked =____=
Restock them please!


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