As usual, long overdue iPhone pics.

Hamburger steak from Maisons at central!
Yummeh. But Pork Katsu was yummier haha.

Ramen from another store in central which had such terrible service from the moment I entered that i cant be bothered to remember its name. The ramen was good though!

Kitty I mentioned about a few posts back!


SOY band. Best thing ever to swap out people sneaking into the vent hall (read AFA events)
But to save the environment they should have gone with UV stamps on the hand, but still not too bad!

Little bro tried on my geeky glasses! Hehe.

Pissu/pishe / fengshui tiger/lion/creature
Obviously i’m confused but it’s to protect me from the bad tidings this year.

Horrid carrot cake from cedele but i was so desperate haha.

I dont know about you, but cute dainty plants by the table cheers me up.

Not too bad spagzz.
They also gave us open-faced sandwiches with tomatoes and cheese TWICE but we rejected the 2nd one. Nice place at ngee ann city!

Watched Percy Jackson and the lightning thief with Kymmie yesterday amongst other things like shopping and going to the clinic. It’s not too bad, the lead has pretty eyes! Haha. Would probably give it a 2 only. Thank gosh it was students price and I had popcorn to make it all better. Some psycho sat next to me and would break up laughing LOUDLY and annoyingly at the oddest parts and kept looking at me when I laughed/talked during trailers and the first part coz all i could think of was LORD OF THE RINGS haha.

Sigh, Im going back to brissy and I soooo do not want to think about packing. SIANNORS.


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