It was quite a pleasant CNY this year, I got to catch up with the cousins, though not many, it it was still ok.
Bonded with one over a quick play of Bayonetta haha.

Didnt take much photos cause I didnt have the mood to and also these days I’m never satisfied with my hair or makeup :/
Going to get it cut again! Hmph.

Was really happy everyone liked the alcohol I brought from Aussieland~ Will get more for the picky older cousin too~

The days are slowly slipping past o(T_T)o
I havent even begun to pack and I have to get my parents to ship a box of stuff over to a buyer next week.
Sian. :(
I dislike not knowing if it got sent out proper or not :(
But hurrah at least is usd260 in my paypal for me.
Going to get a buncha wigs and costumes ~ (*3*)
Unfortunately since i have no time nor can decide, I probably wont bring any of my dolls back to Australia and will decide on which one to sell when I get back in June / July :(


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