stuffed to the brim

My checkin luggage is stuffed to the brim!!
And I have lotsa stuff not in yet :/
I think the daiso bag thingum popped back in shape for sure (>_>)
It felt defective when I used it but aiya whatever it’s too late now.

Going to see what I can squeeze into the smaller hand-carry, i hope it fits my laptop coz i would like to roll it around then carry the damn thing on my aching shoulder :( I realllyyyyy hope they upgrade me to business class! HAHAH.I should dress decently and not wear tattered jeans tomorrow morning haha! Put me in business class! Haha :P but fat hope since I/ve already auto checkin myself (>_>);; but i hope they waive whatever weight my baggage goes the limit over!

Super unprepared to go back to Brissy. I feel super childish and all right now it’s kinda embarassing and stupid at the same time.

Going to stuff face with pizza and old changkee later. Rawrs.
Will totally miss Singapore food!

I also sadly didnt learn to cook a thing hhaha, sorry dear housemates. But much loves to both of you! See you tomorrow night! Another round of adventures will continue huh, let’s all do our best together! ^^

I just checked the inflight entertainment and im quite sad at the selection, but at least I’ll get to watch where the wild things are!

I’m going to meet Kym later for dinner and also going to grab sims3 and ANY drama so I can cry over and get this shitty feeling over and done with. I only cried once in You’re Beautiful coz Hongki looked so utterly sad crying. (T_T) *pats his head*

Decided not to deal with shitty hair and let it grow out haha. Woes of a lazy procrastinator ~! Because of the weight limit, in the end none of my dolls will be going over too :/ Bleh. I’ll come back for them another day~~~ Also my cosplay stuff, since srsly i have no space and shoes have not packed in yet (X_X);;


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