I’m back and I’m painfully reminded of a few things :
1. Should always ALWAYS wear flats on board. I have to throw my favourite heels away cause the ribbon fell off somewhere (>_>);; also i fell down in them on the road (>_>);;
2. The water smells different (i dont know man i was in the shower and was DDD:)
3. I have wayyyy too much shampoo
4. I have wayyyyyyy too many soft toys (and i bought bunbun my pink rabbit back too =__=) however! I brought stewie back the other time. So.. count remains the same haha. Bunny is like my drama buddy and i abuse it lots when watching stuff haha

Things I should do:
1. Remember netbank password and get it unlocked
2. Buy essential items which i have already listed out
3. Do the laundry
4. Sun the toys. Better yet, wash them
5. Clean the whole apartment
6. Groceries!!
7. Get internet limit back to 7GB, it’s 1 GB now, dangeroussss
8. Sell QUT textbooks
9. Buy shoes and more clothes 8D
10. Pay school fees
11. Get prepaid number changed to three mobile, remember said number. WHAT IS MY AUSSIE NUMBER OMG.

Stupid things I have done  :
1. Buying yunho’s drama [i’ll give it a chance, $30 better have at least some chiobus haha]
2. Falling down
3. Bringing another bottle of shampoo
4. Not bringing and buying usb port, other pair of shoes
5. Not looking at my maid packing my bag cause I have no idea where everything is haha

I totally packed my own bag, but everything couldnt fit, my maid said she will pack for me and OMG she fit twice as much as I did haha. But she hid a lot of my toiletries in the middle of everything I had to play treasure hunt haha. Love her, my dog and my family!

Older brother came and sent me off, we had breakfast at 7am at Yakun. Super touched (T3T) Kor, even though you are a bastard sometimes, I reallyyyy love yoouuuu. Except recently I kinda love marcus more cause he’s funny and cute haha! :P

Ok going to not waste so much bandwidth and play some SIMS3/ watch drama
Love you all my darlings! Especially Kels and Kym who texted me in the morning! Sandra and Jo for texting me one day before! Miss you guysssssss! (Ecept kels since i have to see her everyday now. sian HAHAH. Kidding! ah nia loves u!)


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