I’m superrrr hungry omg :(
That’s what I get for not eating a heavier lunch, now dinner’s gonna be heavy too :(

Spent the day cleaning up the apartment, not too satisfied with my room state but I’ll clean it another day haha.
I really need to get my Kewpie mayo! This is unbearable haha~~

Going to eat nandos later and snack on chips!
I also have a sudden craving for prata (why now T_T)
and korean pancake!

Obaltan will be calling me soon hahah~
Signed up to help some booth stuff for SSA, hopefully I’ll get to meet great peeps!
Tomorrow school starts :(
I have lecturial for 3 hours! Argh, not looking forward to it at all!
and a night lecture thankfully at KG, so it isnt that bad but still.. =_= sian sia night lec.

I shall get kimchi dumplings/veg dumplings and fish tofu + tomyum paste soon rawrsss. Im super lazy to cook haha.

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