market week and being featured!

I helped out in our school’s market week this semester at KG.
I’ll join the GP one next sem! KG didnt have lots of traffic so I didnt meet a lot of Singaporeans but I met a whole bunch of other people as acquaintances haha.

I love the Flying spaghetti monster people! They had just a humourous speech that had to do with pirates and global warming haha. It’s basically a social club or something but our school had some restrictions so they needed to “sell” the club as something else haha. Didn’t catch their names though sadly. Humourous bunch of people who tried to poke through my glasses to see if it had lenses or not haha and who tried to promote their club instead of others. Also, like the pirates they were, they stole other club’s free stuff haha. I LIKE. Too bad membership was a tad pricey for something “just for fun”

Also gotten some pretty cool stuff from market week! Crumpler toilet rolls (super cute imprinted ‘colouring’ section! The guy giving them out was cool too haha he was very taken by my glasses and we kinda swapped eye wear haha) Nandos were giving away tattoos, vouchers and … condoms hahaha. The condom thing had a story behind it with its copy and brochure. Cool stuff really! Had free snacks and drinks too~ Also commonwealth was also giving away heaps of stuff~Also ikea!! Too bad I have most of the stuff :(

They had really cool events and competitions going on too, was great to just watch it all happen haha. Also one of the commonwealth dudes was kinda cute HAHA. *Shameless*

Didnt know market week would be nice, didnt pay any attention to it last semester when i was a freshman hahah.

One day here really feels like a week.
I’m sooooooo dreading tutorial week. Argh I hate the lectuorial thing cause I cant really skip it much coz I’ll be missing a whole lot. Luckily Bucka spotted me, hoping class wouldn’t be that boring then ~~

Gonna swim and bake tomorrow ~
Well I’m swimming for sure, gonna work off all the carbs I’ve been consuming~
As for baking.. hmmmm … hahaha.

Cant wait for Saturday!

Wil Kor told me my cosplays and an interview would be featured in another site MJ and his friend is in~ I’m happy and honoured hehe!! Going to work harder and keep improving!


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    Joy said,

    i missed my own market day too!!!! :( apparently coz feb is main intake its always bigger and better then the july market day! darn! :(

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