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mother instincts

Yes, I blog wayyyyyy too much when I have too much time on my hands.
I happen to think a lot and about a lot of stuff that seems out-of-this-world :/
If you are tracking my posts via bloglines and all that jazz, sorry and well, remove me then!
This is one of the main reasons why I stopped blogging on LiveJournal, because knowing some of my friends who join 28342342342 communities and are watching them, my endless rants will annoy the heck outta them haha.


I’ve been looking at various cooking blogs (you can see a new page up on the links about my “goals”!) and I realised many of them are mothers and have kids.

It’s my dream if I can :
1. Make bentou for kids and hubby
2. Buy toys and all sorts of stuff for my kids

This rather ODD feeling has been with me since 2009. Like it just happens… like… like… a fly suddenly flying into your mouth.
Unexpectedly, weird and WTF.

You know, I’ve been telling a few friends that OMG I want a kid. Which is super odd because past Geri back in 2005 decided that kids were bad for future Geri’s mental welfare and financial being.

What on Earth is wrong with me these few days…
It’s kinda scary to think that my mum got married and had kids like around 20-24? [Sorry don’t remember]
That’s like a few years away from me D:
And I don’t have someone in mind to “settle” down with.

I still don’t think I’m getting a hang of this… “date play” idea.
If I did, J and I will be into this whole LDR thingamajic.
If I’m already X years old and if I have till X+Y to go, mygawd how can i be playing around?

Ahh this is all mind boggling and useless rant and going all over the place, but the main point of this entry is to release my motherly urges onto one post so I can feel “ahhh~” about it later.. also so I dont think too much before getting in bed.

Don’t you hate that time before you sleep and all you do is think?
Sometimes it goes on for hours! Ridiculous!

Tomorrow’s April’s fool’s day and I’m honestly NOT gonna appreciate any of this april fools crap and not answering any (well, i’ll try) thing.

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Let’s move the hell on.

IMOHO ( in my own honest opinion) we should get these out of our sight AND out of my facebook feeds!!

Move it, move it
1. Avatar
Enough DAMN IT. It was a Disney Pocahontas story rip off set in space. But I admit it was cool and all in 3D *does impressive ‘wooo’ effect* but ok can we please move on and talk about how uberly cute Nightfury is in How To Train Your Dragon?

2. Ris Low
Give the poor girl a damn break and give her a kit kat while at it. Dark chocolate kind, cause it’s tasty !

3. Twilight
Ok I’m so sorry but I really don’t like it and honestly I find publishing self-inserts sad when you have a husband and kids!
And when your lead male actor doesnt even like his character, that’s odd too.

Click here for uber funny anti-twilight article. The whole site is anti-everything so have a laugh searhcing for other stuff! I found it when someone posted it on the doll forums about anti-BJD sentiments and had a field day laughing! Cause some of it is soooo true for some owners haha.

Thank gawd we have moved on from crocs though!!

Taken from taichou’s blog :

Some twisted, malformed demon of all things vile roars away in delight in it’s hellish cove. Surely it was the inventor of Crocs, for whoever made them in the first place cannot possibly be amongst humans. Angels of all things nice weep every time a pair of Crocs are worn. Oh how they weep. Why did you think it rained so much in the region lately? They were crying, so much so that it spilled from the heavens in an effort to cleanse the Earth of Crocs.

Please, think of the angels.
Save your soul.
Stop wearing Crocs.
…no, we don’t care how comfortable they are.

I totally agree! HAHAHA. I think it’s dying out, so it’s all good. Think being the key word :(

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I hate lacing up my shoelaces,
I always leave it to my dad but recently he’s gone lazy too.
Come to think of it I have a pair of converse shoes my parents got me from a random sale that I gave away cause i couldnt be bothered to lace up. At least I think I gave them away.

Wonder if my parents kept them somewhere cause now I’m all about lacing up if I have pretty laces.

I totally need white based ones. Couldnt see a thing in my horrible dim -lit room when I was lacing black laces on black shoes with stupid spangles [ hate them now, so prickly :( ]

Gave up on silly star lacing because of the light :(


However I made a nice.. “lattice” style of both shoes by following a picture on the interweb.
It’s like crisscross style, need fatter laces to make it look awesome cause it doesnt look awesome now :/

Came home from city fully intend on sleeping but to no avail, I even changed out to comfy clothes and changed places from the couch to bed to couch to bed and NOTHING.


I just want to sleep dear treacherous mind :(

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Was bored in ad planning lecture (as usual) and took photos! Here’s one for radio broadcasting!

Yes I doodled a lot during breaks

Addie sweetie brought me a fun pack of Jap sweets!
All sorts of stuff! Plus sticker with this character I liked from this grape/strawberry sweet!

After Korean lunch (as usual) we went to shop shop shop!
I realised Juicy bag is really small :(
LUCKILY i didnt get it. Carmen told me in HK it’s cheap! So there.


It looks like it was for some musical instrument.

I like it for the sole purpose coz it tickles my funny bone.
and only AUD109. UBER cheap for a huge ass bag.
Guess bags are so cheap it doesnt matter where on Earth you are.

No idea what to do with it so havent bought it yet.
Will just think of it as a good piece for a funny bag collection, which I will start….
once i get this bag! 8D

The Guess store outside also had discount. The trolley roller bag was only like 100 something also. So cheap la but then cant fit the size requirement :/

Cotton on = 50%! Prolly will go back and get more tops or something.
But I bought this pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing because:
1. It was 50% discount!
2. I needed to get a pair of shoes
3. It had spangles and I thought, hmm ok a bit of bling is nice a.k.a for some reason i have a spangle-craze.. must be all the nail art researching :///
4. I was annoyed about not getting any bags at david jones haha

And luckily I didnt buy the country road bag and bought a sportsgirl one which was cuter and cheaper.
Love you again Addie for loving sportsgirl so I had a chance to see this haha.
A bit small so I may buy another bag in melb!
Totally psyched for it!
Bought peter rabbit easter eggs too!

Hoping to go for easter service this friday and also eat some hot cross buns babbehhhh
Totally psyched for it!

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cook & bake!

Baked macademia and white cho cookies today.
Failure = white chocolate.

(Though i spent more on the nuts)
I bought this New Zealand SMOOTH white chocolate coz i was on discount.
Should have gotten the nestle milky one!

Coz of the chocolate’s SMOOTHNESS my cookie did not have any crunch when you bite into it coz the chocolate went piakkkkk with it :( I like to chew on my choc chunks :( *sad* but it was not a bad recipe!

Decided to attempt many things over the next few weeks!

1. Carrot cake cupcakes
2. Vanilla cookies (always so lazy because i have to refrigerate it twice!)
3. Strawberry daifuku (only in singapore)
4. Egg tart
5. Some sort of fruit tart!
6. Strawberry sponge cake / jap shortcake
7. Fruit cake
8. More cookies!
1. Oyakudon!
2. Egg in a basket (tomorrow for sure!)
4. 蔥油蛋饼 Taiwanese egg pancake! (maybe dinner or something!)
5. Mango pudding (in singapore coz mango season is over in aussie!)
6. Sandwich rolls (must find jap cucumber ! rawrssss) [also i hope we have a picnic soon! haha :P]
7. Baked rice

I’m reallyyyy hungry and eager to cook and bake stuff to fill my stomach now hehhee~!

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sooo… was that the smell of…


Last night after I got back from radio… I pressed the button for the elevator, it came…
And a couple were inside making out…

I said “Sorry!”
Then the girl said “it’s ok”
And they got out to make out again…
And the lift… mygawddd the musky smell…
was that what they called the smell of sex?!!!


Didn’t help the fucking lift moved so retardedly slow :(

After watching a movie (NIGHTFURY = UBER CUTE!), we had fish and chips (yumss) and went to have bubble tea at hazel tea shop anddddd weeee playyeddd… JENGA.
Or more like EXTREME JENGA…

Surprisingly this tower did not fall till muchmuch later.

The punishment was to draw something on the loser’s hand !

I managed to be clean until the LAST round :(
Joson was the only one clean ! Pooey!

Drawn on my hand by Steve. Angry bunneh.

Then it was off to radio. To differentiate our group from the other group, I couldnt use my Jelly nick :(
So I’m on as Riko.
My cab driver got lost finding the way but he was really nice so I tipped him though he stopped the meter a few times.
Still deciding if I should commit, my mum wants me to though hmmmm…

Going to buy bags and shoes this week! More importantly BAG!!! Juicy coutre, please have nice cute bags (T3T)

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Laksa & mahjong!

Kelda and Joson were 师父s of the day!
And taught nearly everyone how to play (save maybe Mingyie)

Was super fun!!!
I won a few times too, must be beginner’s luck haha.

Hopefully my mum will take to getting me that hello kitty mahjon set now :P
And hopefuly when I go back to Singapore, I can play it with my granny!!

I needed a break and Mingyie took over.
Ah Lun took over WeiMin who was kitchen assistant for the day haha.

Gawd my fringe does gymnastics when i’m not looking!

Later many more people whose names I fail to remember came.
It was a bit of noise pollution and I was already giddy from before so oh wellll!

Laksa !! I dont know why there is a chicken wing in it, but ok. HAHA.

Bus waiting~

KEKEKEKE I love my rilakuma socks! So glad I bought them in HK though they were pricey since they were imported form Japan :( but it’s still funny and cute on my feet hehe

Pandan apollo cake i got at yuen’s market~ bought a box (small though but it was the only size!) to share with housemates!
Taste of home …. or malaysia really hahaha~

Had great fun though I lost so many times at dai ti and indian poker. We played that twice and I lost twice :(

Shittt. Hahaha.
I’ll never trust Steve and Joson no matter what haha.

But i ended the day laughing, so it was all good!

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