dollywink brown eyeliner and no.5 review

No. 5

Extremely good to use! Best natural lower lash falsies I’ve ever seen/used even if you don’t know how to place them on properly.

As of all lower falsies, place and adjust with a tweezer! I tend to get those that doesn’t slant or is pointed so if you are way clumsy and you poke your eye, it won’t hurt as much / cause as much damage. [not saying it’s safe to poke your eye!] But safety first! Always be calm and NEVER rush. I don’t want to imagine the pain and damage if you get a tweezer in your eye… Yuck. Please adjust gently!!

Anyways back to No. 5!

Good :
1. Very natural !
2. Easy to place as it’s flexible
3. All in one lash band so it’s less time-consuming compared to No. 6
4. Easy storage
5. Easier to clean
6. Transparent band makes it look more natural

1. Time-consuming to clean due to weak lash band (have to be extra gentle or risk pulling a few strands out)

Overall : ✭✭ /5
Okay beginners new to lower lash makeup

Eye liner

Retails at abut SGD18 maybe ? Uber cute packaging too! Mine’s in brown cause I wanted to try a brown liner~

The thing about liners is that it has to glide on smooth and with consistency and this does that! It’s comparable to Anna Sui pencil liners which I swear by. It’s creamy texture makes it all even and line especially if you are a klutz with liners like I am, creamy liners are a must! Also if the skin on eye area is uneven due to damage (like mine from eye lash glue) creamy liners help draw a better even line~

The only gripe I have with it is it has wasted packaging for such a small product [lets save the environment haha!]

It’s not smudge-proof but surprisingly waterproof.

Black is anna sui pencil liner
Brown is dollywink pencil liner (on the top)

I smudged a lot, like rubbed like hell and this was the aftermath!

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  1. 1

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  2. 2

    Minako said,

    Thank you for doing a review on the Dollywink lashes~ ^_^
    You’re lucky that they sell them in Singapore .. cos’ they don’t sell them here in Norway, so I have to order them online T_T

    Is the eyeliner pencil smugde or waterproof? Because I’m wear contact lenses >_<

    • 3

      narikodesu said,

      Thank you I would love to help others purchase dollywink in Singapore, but I’m currently in Australia and it’s super expensive here (>_<) Maybe when I get back in June I'll see if anyone is interested ^^

      I also wear contact lenses and have no problem with it. I don't think it's waterproof though, I'll check it for you tomorrow ^^

    • 4

      narikodesu said,


      It’s not smudge-proof but it’s waterproof ^^ I’ll upload pictures soon!

  3. 5

    Minako said,

    Waah~ Thank you for reply .. Maybe I should get it xD

  4. 7

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  5. 8

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