weirdest things happen to me

as in injuries.

Today I bruised myself because of an umbrella.
I rather I not tell everyone this embarrassing story that seems to be worse than the time I slammed my hand into some pool floating device… or the other time in which I cut myself while trying to wear my socks.

It reallllllyyyy reallyy hurts and it feels like my rib was pushed in a bit haha.

Yes at times like these, one can only laugh. hahaa.

omg i have weird friends..

about says:
WooWOO yoo!

Geraldine says:
is that a song?

about says:
not a song~
just happy that’s all
how r u over that side?
studies nice nice?

Geraldine says:
hahaa nahh boring as hell

about says:
@@ wahaha xD

Geraldine says:
coz the lecturer is boring
anyways are u happy coz u got a job?

about says:
er no =x

Geraldine says:


about says:
aiyaa >.<
i better faster find…

Geraldine says:

about says:
i happy cos i just build a pc =x
play game fast fast LOL!!!

Geraldine says:

about says:
okok i go back play LOL

Geraldine says:

about says:
fren telling me to shoot zombie liao =)

Geraldine says:
ok thanks for sharing ur 5 sec of happiness hahaha!

So we spent less than 5mins reveling in his happiness and then he promptly left to play games. HAHA.
Mummy, my friends are retarded :(

But ahhhh i want this type of gamer lifestyle too (T_T) I want a windows pc!


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