day out~

Decided to hang out in the city today with some friends~
Kinda glad I did! Went into cotton on and this dude gave me a scratch and win voucher hehe.
Going to get that pink denim shorts now hehehee~~!

After roaming with Kels a bit I met Yen for bubble tea at a new bubble tea store in the city~
it was pretty good, better than repit at elizabeth arcade, but it was more expensive~!

Milk tea~! The pearls were yummeh too~

Kelda came by during her break, thanks Kelssss love you!
And she folded this plastic star thing out of the plastic wrapper from our straws.
I thought hers looked ugly (the one on the left) so I folded one (the one on the right).
We were being total idiots by the time Kendrick came by.
45, 47 13!

Later onwards Kels and Kendrick left then Yen and I met Leon, Vena and Jeremy for coffee/tea and what not.
Everywhere was closing so we went to pancake manors.
I really wanted to eat pancakes but I was too full :(
(Thankfully I went to eat some today hehehe)

Then we met Steve and Weimin for some korea food~!
Kimchi fried rice made me happy!
Was still full on lunch and tea so i didnt finish it haha.

They were playing C.N blue when I walked in! <33
Then later SNSD’s oh!
So I was happily dancing, eating and singing at the same time haha.

Steve let me try some of his drink which I THINK was soju, i cant remember it’s name but it was meh only haha.
We kinda split into 2 different groups of conversation then and we had a super long talk that can only remain in the many walls of madtongsan2 haha. I regret telling Steve some things KNS and I’m really itching to tell people about the things he said but ok we have mutual understanding. He dont say, then I dont say hahaha.

My head felt like it was ran over by a bulldozer though.
Felt like utter crap at the end of the night.
Met Kels and we went home but on the way back, there was this white gross bug in front of us and we were freaking out a lil until towards the end of the ride, when the bug was about to crawl onto this girl’s thumb, we warned her and her male friend killed it for us haha. Felt kinda dumb afterwards but it was kinda gross and it was slimy wtf?

Have a huge load of crap to do tomorrow, so not looking forward to it :(


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