Momo belongs to Kelda.
It used to be Yellow, but it looks Lime green now.
Bunneh was a present from my mum who thought it was cute and just got it for me one day haha.
Bunneh is my drama buddy.
It’s always there to:
1. be a cushion for my laptop HAHAHA (only recently!)
2. Hug buddy for toe curling scenes
3. Subject-of-abuse for scenes that make me want to whack someone

In other cases I also use it to annoy the crap outta both of my brothers.
My younger brohter loves it and makes it do funny stuff too haha.
Elder brother hates it though :( boo.
Bunneh is sad.

Being friendly.. hehe.

And thennnn:

Arrrr bishhhh!

Pumpkin soup and bread by Sammy. There was also other food but I’m too lazy to upload it.

I woke up like a fucking grouch 2904382342 times throughout the night and morning.
I’m pretty over it now but boy was I so annoyed that I want to physically hit something.
But! Kelda, despite me looking like I would kill whoever talked to me, made me “breakfast” the 3rd or 4th time I woke up in the day. Hehe thanks!

Also baked cookies today and the piping bag broke again hahaha!
I really want to make shortbread cookies but arghh the cutter and rolling pin is driving me nuts!

On a happy note,

Kara’s Lupin is addictive~!

I dont like Seungyeon still and think whatever she wears is weird D:
I really like Hara recently~ She’s way cute!
Of course, number #1 spot is always Nicole ~

Don’t particularly fancy BEAST’s new song but I quite new new rookie group D-NA. It’s so sad groups are getting younger while I get older haha.

Going to do work much later or tomorrow. I want to be more hardworking this semester despite the fact that all my units are a bore.


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