Craziest mum

Esther says:
i just bathed and i feel sweaty again. Grrrrr.

{パフェ 王子 ♔} says:
ours is raining alot but when it doesnt rain. whoa damn hot haha
whoaaa use fan on max speed

Esther says:
Global warming,
so dont have next generation, they may not survive the heat.
you think i crazy to talk to u like that? haha
{パフェ 王子 ♔} says:
ohhh i asked kokor then he say dad is being his usual grumpy self

Esther says:
ya grumpy old man, only me can take his nonsense but sometimes i also cannot tahan
so i just bash his car lor

{パフェ 王子 ♔} says:
mum what on Earth hahaha

Esther says:
make him heart pain , hehe even though i ended up paying, :S
what happen to my simley sad face? how come become S
:) now ok liao

You’re crazy and sometimes spend on me like I’m a cupcake princess. I love you no matter how many times I feel annoyed at you or disliked my childhood, you’re still great and I miss you lots.

I’m so happy I FINALLY get to talk to my mum online after 2 weeks!
Couldn’t skype though because the Dad didnt install the webbycam yet and she didnt bring her macbookpro back :(


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