&^&$%#$#^ shopping therapy please

Yesterday’s spend at supre did NOTHING for me at all I think..
Ok, i was slightly happier but that’s about it haha.

I still wanna buy 892374872423 things.
And Joy if you read this, omg please find me on msn if I dont find you already haha. I need some lobang for nail deco stuff haha. :P

On the topic of nails mygawd I want some O.P.I and rimmel nail polish. Going to get the rimmel one hehe.
I bought the shop till you drop mag and I’m going to soak in it’s glori-ness later haha.

I want burberry rainboots :( [yes i saw it in the mag]
but nahhh not serious about it unless I was a millionaire, I would buy such expensive boots haha.
That, and if I lived in UK haha.
It’s just go so pretty and the westwood ones , how quirky and cute <3

Arghh totally forgot about my readings and assignment for tomorrow, I’m already so so sooo sleepy. (T_T)

I already miss kimchi fried rice haha. Been having it if I visit madtongsan.
Had lunch with Addie dear and bubble tea at repit which was having 1 for 1 [thanks for the info from keldaaaa]
And sorry I passed you guys like 3 times I seriously dont look when I walk / engrossed with something (^-^);;



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