marchhhh = fall!

Even though its wet and all right now, I can’t wait to wear boots and wear some autumn colours. It’s still “early” fall / long summer so not doing that yet. I seriously need to get a pair of black boots. I feel super stupid for not bringing one pair over. Arghhh.

I saw O.P.I nails at a cheap price online hehe.
Going to david jones next week to stare at the colours and make note of it.
My nails are currently in a forest green, I really like the colour but as usual, I’m not used to green nails unless they are lime ones. I tried getting nail up but the download was kinda broken (=__=);; totally wasted my bandwidth (>_>):; I should have bought one issue when I was in Singapore :(

Hungry now but lazy to cook and it’s raning, so no eating out for me :( *sad*


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