uh oh

I used up 1gb of my internet usage already even though it has only been like 5 days :/
Not going to upload pictures today, maybe tmr!

Going to bake choc chip cookies tmr after class, can’t wait, i’m dying to snack on something.
I suspect my weight would go up then haha.

I FINALLY ate something… “proper” for dinner today.
No more canned soup, canned meat, frozen food and what so ever!
I realised my daily food intake is terrible and so unhealthy!
[though i did buy a buncha canned products later for my lazy-days hehe]

I had rice (jap kind which i love!), egg and pork belly slices~ Korean style hehe~
I’ve decided to marinate the slices before dinner so it would taste even better hehe.
I’m deciding if I should get kimchi to go with it too~ keke

I also satisfied my donut craving and gotten my favourite apple crumble donut from kripsy kremes hehe ~
To justify this unhealthy snack, I only had cereal for brunch!

Ahhh~ cant wait to eat my pork slice tomorrow again~ haha!


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