Koreannnn fooodd diettt

I’m going to change to a mostly korean food diet!
Will attempt to make kimichi fried rice tomorrow hehe.

Going to get kimchi, garlic plus more food stuff~
Will challenge kimchi soup too <3

Hoping this switch will help me lost more weight hehe.
Still it’s spicy and all. Also healthy since it’s not like a lot frozen food stuff in it.

I’m down a kilo since 3 weeks ago :P
This is despite having burgers, pizzas and icecream amongst many things.
Must be the crunches finally pulling off :P

I baked cookies today, and boo not like i imagined it would be, i guess i’m too used to auntie ah lai’s cookies (T_T);; Going to get the butter cake recipe from auntie sharon later too. Sooo sinful but i miss it so ! I baked it once but I lost the recipe [it was on the fridge and one day it disappeared (x_X)]

I saw shinwoo oppa guy today in class today, but only for a while, still… woohoo! Finally something to look forward to in class haha!


Just ate 2 cubes of brownie with caramel mud slide icecream + choc chip cookie on top of each.

FML for being too greedy. I was happy eating it but now it’s all REGRETTTT hahaa.
Going to just eat spicy food stuff tomorrow and pray the fats go away


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