iPhone photo spammage

Under cut!

Tea from the tea center which I’m going to bring Joy tomorrow!
Lovely tea + waitress and melting moment!

Steve paid for tea that day, thanks polar bear shushu~!

We watched Alice in wonderland in 3D.
I realised yes my astig is really a killer for 3D movies so I went to watch AIW in glasses.
What a dork moment haha.

I had radio meeting that day and decided to finally wear my boots out!
What a terrible decision, the weather was still hot hot hot!

I totally love this dress! It reminds me of liz lisa~!

We went to have drinks after dinner, this is an Alice cocktail from cafe east, and it was DELISH!

.. I had to clean the toilet that day.. i think haha

Choc chip cookies i baked!

Brownies made by Kelly + icecream donated by Sammy + cookies made by me.
Yummiest dessert!

I had this for brunch the other day after my mum was worried I didnt eat proper haha~


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