what a day~!

Last night I had an awesome dinner at obaltan !
Totally awesome with my favourite korean pancake! hehe!

I got woken up by Steve’s SMS that they reached KG this morning at 10.30 am :(
I was supposed to wake up at 12 and meet them around that time but they (desmond, weimin and steve) all escaped lecture after the fire alarm drill *grumble* haha

So i met them for harmony day at KG.
Spent money on bad food and drink but it’s ok, I’ll support ssa! haha!

Steve treated us to various food stuff from other clubs too ~ Thanks again dudezzz.
Malaysia’s curry puffs WERE THE BEST. Seriously.
Totally love! I bought some back for tea but didnt touch it cause later onwards we had proper food = pizza capers!

Gotten cake recipes from my mum and auntie sharon so decided to bake!
Also found that the postman came at 11.58am to deliver my magazines whoops

I usually get Scawaii + Popteen but I think my mum couldnt find Scawaii and thus got me 2 other magazines. Never read Chic or whatever in my life as it’s some taiwan mag hahaha but oh well, LOVE YOU MUM!

Baked the butter cake today and it wasnt really awesome shit yet, I think I shouldnt throw in everything at one time hahaha whoops.
Hopefully microwaving it tomorrow, makes it better!

Super duper stuffed due to all the blind eating today!
Totally regretting it, ack!


also, a funny observation by jieqi, LONGGG TIME back haha!


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