Visited Grill’d again yesterday and thankfully I chosen a much more tasty burger than the previous. Their chicken burgers suck so much I felt like I basically took a piece of $10 note, cut it up into tiny pieces and threw said pieces into a toilet bowl to let it dissolve. Hahaha.
But their beef burgers = WOOLALA.

Their fries + a load of herbed mayo is awesomeness too!

I had the urge to wear this today for whatever reason.
Stupid idea since it was just dinner, but oh well!

Yes my bed is in a mess but I quite like it like that (in Aussie anyway, I get annoyed if my bed’s messed up in S’pore :/ )

Isn’t the above a stark difference from :

This was way back in 2009! I remember going to Streetfest with Sandra dear <3
I think I lost weight in the previous picture (look a my flabby arms in here T_T) but i think my hair looks more awesome here  :/

ANYWAYS!!!!! Back to the burger joint!

This is Kelly, my housemate (who wore a cute black x yellow cordi!) .
Every time I see her eat here, the mountain of tissues she uses = astounding! And here I thought I was the tissue queen haha!
Pretty funny she looks kinda remorseful here.
Oh and I didnt realise… but look at unsuspecting people I’ve also caught in the picture by accident!

We took up 3 tables but I was too lazy to socialise with anyone :/

I sometimes like to observe what people are wearing and I’m attracted to quirky dressing styles or coordinates that make me smile~ I sometimes want to grab a picture of them and find myself having to look away before getting caught staring for too long.

Yesterday was probably not one of those days, I wonder sometimes, if people looked at themselves in the mirror and UNDERSTAND what on Earth they put on their bodies before going out. I mean if it’s all funky and all, sure thing, but this is NOT about whether I find high-waist-ed skirts fashionable or think floral printed skirts are cute, this is about WHY-THE FUCK-DID-YOU-WEAR-THAT-ITS-NOT-FLATTERING.
Seriously, some people need to wake up and get hit by the Vogue-fairy.

I must clarify, even though my fashion tastes vary from the “general” crowd, I’m extremely ok with fashion pieces that I PERSONALLY will never wear, being worn by someone else. I don’t have problems with it, I have problems with the horrendous thought that wearing a certain top for example, will make you look thinner when it’s actually the exact opposite, or that you should wear tights even if it doesn’t suit you JUST because it’s in.

Westwood help them because their coordinates never match and they emphasise on the wrong parts of their body ALL the time.
If ever so unsure of what to wear, I rather they threw on a top and good-cut jeans (I highly reccomend H&M!!) to save my mind cause a part of me cringes and withers slowly when I see such things :/

I know I’m being such a bitch today, but I’m pretty darn sure I’m PMS cause it’s due soon ORZ

On a maybe lighter note, MONO app on the iTunes store turned my favourite picture even better!:

I dearly miss my lil brother and can’t wait to get them his kick-arse birthday present!
I just realised as I stare at the picture again, he’s wearing the domo shirt I got them! Hehe!
This was probably to my birthday celebration cause I remember Kymmie nagging at me to wear something “nicer” hahaha.

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