red hot

Deciding to get my diet semi-back to track, I made kimchi soup for dinner.
My previous experience was to fry garlic, kimchi, then put in the soup with other ingredients and it was not spicy enough :(
Today, I was lazy and just threw the kimchi in and put 2 tablespoons of hot pepper paste.. and OMG it tasted like some volcanic soup from dontknowwhere. Hahaha. It was super red like thick tomato soup. Big mistake, Geraldine Ee. Hahaha.

But I felt so much better after consuming it, though its prolly my mind playing tricks on me, thinking that its speeding up my digestion haha

Despite trying to lose weight, I gave into temptation and had the cute triangular coffee log cake at bubbles. It was uber dry though :( Still finding a good carrot cake !

Maybe next week! :P


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