cake adventures!

Totally forgot to MONO-fied this picture but aiya whatever la.
Finally ate the coffee log cake, like steve said, it’s like kueh lapis… the i remembered what Kym said about keuh lapis (the amount of eggs ) and didnt finish it :(
It was dry anyway !

But still, cake!! Hehe!

Kelda and I baked a cheese cake the other day too, actually mostly Kelda haha.
Sho happy~!!

Also today, I cleaned my room HURRAH!
De-cluttered my messy closet and floor area~
I vaccummed and cleaned the closet space and table too ~

Going to clean bedsheets and wash my soft toys (i know i keep syaing that but never do a thing) after we get back from Melon land <3

I think I want to get a soft bag for it, my other small bag seems uber large D:

I hope we have a grad trip!!
But aiya end of the year going so many places my money (T___T)/ byebye

I’m now going to be diligent and do my work! But alas I forgot to bring my adaptor though I saw it and was like “ok must bring you!” then I went to take out the trash then I forgot…ARGHH.

Ok, ocme on brain, lets get advertising management done and over with !


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