Anime spring 2010!

I honestly can’t wait for the spring line up of animes to be broadcasted!!

Looking forward to :
1. Giant Killing
2. Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan (OMG FINALLY!!)
3. Angel Beats
4. Black Rock Shooter OVA
5. SAILOR MOON REVIVAL!! I’m not shitting on ya! But wtf it’s gonna be launched in Italy first. HUH? I hope it will be more awesome hehe with more neptune scenes. I can’t be assed with Usagi (the main) she is really annoying to the max.

I just finished Kobato. and mygawddd so touching *sobs*
I seriously love the song she sings!! (=3=)
Not sure what to watch now after kobato :(  nothing really hooks me on now :(
Was thinking of going back to Naruto, like anyhow click one episode and start from there haha.

Mangas I DESPERATELY WISHED had an anime (BUT!! not change it to something weirdshit like what S.A did. I REFUSE to watch S.A and read the manga when the anime was released)
1. DOLLS (obviously :P)
2. Zone-oo (coz seriously this manga kicks so much balls)
3. DOGS bullets & carnage (they had a OVA but its not enough man!!)
4. Angel Sanctuary (which also had a OVA but I didnt understand shit nor the manga. anime would be ncie so I can finally grasp some logic in it)
5. Heart no kuni no alice (it is a game, but at least they are producing the manga now !)
6. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan (another kaori yuki one! About zombies and using music to kill them = NICE)

Ok enough OTAKU moments~


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