Tickets booked!

Instead of Japan which I sorely wanted to go, tickets have been booked to go to Bangkok, Thailand~
Not sure who on my family’s side is going, but I know I am :P and also going with my family friend, Auntie Sharon and her family~

Will be leaving on the 9th of June. Which kinda sucks coz I’m planning to come back on the 7th of June. Actually if everything is via online submission (my advertising lecturer loves) I can actually be back after the week 13 KKB221 presentation ~ But aiya to be safe, June 7th one day after my advert submission, I’ll leave to Singapore~!

I want to buy some stuff for my doggie this time!!
Can’t wait to me back, oh land of facial, hair, awesome food and unlimited internet! (T_T)

이 넓은 세상 반은 남자 너 하나 빠져봤자
꼭 나만 봐줄 멋진 남자 난 기다릴래 혼자
Half of the world is made of men, it makes no difference if you’re gone.
I’m going to wait by myself for a guy who will only look at me.

– SNSD, run devil run


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