Sorry I have fucking priorities but my mum’s money doesn’t grow on fucking trees.

Terrible bitchy mood the whole week. It’s very easy to provoke me into turning into a black bitch from hell.

I hate this feeling arghh.
I hope I can finally be satisfied with my work so I can play tomorrow without worrying about it ORZ


After lecture which was a waste of my time and sleep, chatted with Ayen about the assignment. Argh thanks so much babe, you totally saved my butt. I’m going to re-do it now :( Decided to head off to lunch with her, was not intending to eat out at all (thus canceled with Ting, sorry Ting!) , but I was feeling all sorts of crap today.
Had pancakes that helped a little!

Went shopping for a tiny bit and grabbed maybeline mascara finally because all I have are lengthening mascara. It works quite well! Review another time~

Saw roller derby flyer! A different one from the sunshine roller derby! Closer somemore, where the hell is Beenleigh! Hahaha. This one’s at south bank and they have cool shit names. Cant wait to watch it. I loved derby ever since I saw Roller Girls on MTV. I wished I could skate and join one. Maybe I won’t feel so stressed and angsty all the time when I’m letting it loose on the tracks haha.


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