Laksa & mahjong!

Kelda and Joson were 师父s of the day!
And taught nearly everyone how to play (save maybe Mingyie)

Was super fun!!!
I won a few times too, must be beginner’s luck haha.

Hopefully my mum will take to getting me that hello kitty mahjon set now :P
And hopefuly when I go back to Singapore, I can play it with my granny!!

I needed a break and Mingyie took over.
Ah Lun took over WeiMin who was kitchen assistant for the day haha.

Gawd my fringe does gymnastics when i’m not looking!

Later many more people whose names I fail to remember came.
It was a bit of noise pollution and I was already giddy from before so oh wellll!

Laksa !! I dont know why there is a chicken wing in it, but ok. HAHA.

Bus waiting~

KEKEKEKE I love my rilakuma socks! So glad I bought them in HK though they were pricey since they were imported form Japan :( but it’s still funny and cute on my feet hehe

Pandan apollo cake i got at yuen’s market~ bought a box (small though but it was the only size!) to share with housemates!
Taste of home …. or malaysia really hahaha~

Had great fun though I lost so many times at dai ti and indian poker. We played that twice and I lost twice :(

Shittt. Hahaha.
I’ll never trust Steve and Joson no matter what haha.

But i ended the day laughing, so it was all good!


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