cook & bake!

Baked macademia and white cho cookies today.
Failure = white chocolate.

(Though i spent more on the nuts)
I bought this New Zealand SMOOTH white chocolate coz i was on discount.
Should have gotten the nestle milky one!

Coz of the chocolate’s SMOOTHNESS my cookie did not have any crunch when you bite into it coz the chocolate went piakkkkk with it :( I like to chew on my choc chunks :( *sad* but it was not a bad recipe!

Decided to attempt many things over the next few weeks!

1. Carrot cake cupcakes
2. Vanilla cookies (always so lazy because i have to refrigerate it twice!)
3. Strawberry daifuku (only in singapore)
4. Egg tart
5. Some sort of fruit tart!
6. Strawberry sponge cake / jap shortcake
7. Fruit cake
8. More cookies!
1. Oyakudon!
2. Egg in a basket (tomorrow for sure!)
4. 蔥油蛋饼 Taiwanese egg pancake! (maybe dinner or something!)
5. Mango pudding (in singapore coz mango season is over in aussie!)
6. Sandwich rolls (must find jap cucumber ! rawrssss) [also i hope we have a picnic soon! haha :P]
7. Baked rice

I’m reallyyyy hungry and eager to cook and bake stuff to fill my stomach now hehhee~!

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