sooo… was that the smell of…


Last night after I got back from radio… I pressed the button for the elevator, it came…
And a couple were inside making out…

I said “Sorry!”
Then the girl said “it’s ok”
And they got out to make out again…
And the lift… mygawddd the musky smell…
was that what they called the smell of sex?!!!


Didn’t help the fucking lift moved so retardedly slow :(

After watching a movie (NIGHTFURY = UBER CUTE!), we had fish and chips (yumss) and went to have bubble tea at hazel tea shop anddddd weeee playyeddd… JENGA.
Or more like EXTREME JENGA…

Surprisingly this tower did not fall till muchmuch later.

The punishment was to draw something on the loser’s hand !

I managed to be clean until the LAST round :(
Joson was the only one clean ! Pooey!

Drawn on my hand by Steve. Angry bunneh.

Then it was off to radio. To differentiate our group from the other group, I couldnt use my Jelly nick :(
So I’m on as Riko.
My cab driver got lost finding the way but he was really nice so I tipped him though he stopped the meter a few times.
Still deciding if I should commit, my mum wants me to though hmmmm…

Going to buy bags and shoes this week! More importantly BAG!!! Juicy coutre, please have nice cute bags (T3T)


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