I hate lacing up my shoelaces,
I always leave it to my dad but recently he’s gone lazy too.
Come to think of it I have a pair of converse shoes my parents got me from a random sale that I gave away cause i couldnt be bothered to lace up. At least I think I gave them away.

Wonder if my parents kept them somewhere cause now I’m all about lacing up if I have pretty laces.

I totally need white based ones. Couldnt see a thing in my horrible dim -lit room when I was lacing black laces on black shoes with stupid spangles [ hate them now, so prickly :( ]

Gave up on silly star lacing because of the light :(


However I made a nice.. “lattice” style of both shoes by following a picture on the interweb.
It’s like crisscross style, need fatter laces to make it look awesome cause it doesnt look awesome now :/

Came home from city fully intend on sleeping but to no avail, I even changed out to comfy clothes and changed places from the couch to bed to couch to bed and NOTHING.


I just want to sleep dear treacherous mind :(


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