Let’s move the hell on.

IMOHO ( in my own honest opinion) we should get these out of our sight AND out of my facebook feeds!!

Move it, move it
1. Avatar
Enough DAMN IT. It was a Disney Pocahontas story rip off set in space. But I admit it was cool and all in 3D *does impressive ‘wooo’ effect* but ok can we please move on and talk about how uberly cute Nightfury is in How To Train Your Dragon?

2. Ris Low
Give the poor girl a damn break and give her a kit kat while at it. Dark chocolate kind, cause it’s tasty !

3. Twilight
Ok I’m so sorry but I really don’t like it and honestly I find publishing self-inserts sad when you have a husband and kids!
And when your lead male actor doesnt even like his character, that’s odd too.

Click here for uber funny anti-twilight article. The whole site is anti-everything so have a laugh searhcing for other stuff! I found it when someone posted it on the doll forums about anti-BJD sentiments and had a field day laughing! Cause some of it is soooo true for some owners haha.

Thank gawd we have moved on from crocs though!!

Taken from taichou’s blog :

Some twisted, malformed demon of all things vile roars away in delight in it’s hellish cove. Surely it was the inventor of Crocs, for whoever made them in the first place cannot possibly be amongst humans. Angels of all things nice weep every time a pair of Crocs are worn. Oh how they weep. Why did you think it rained so much in the region lately? They were crying, so much so that it spilled from the heavens in an effort to cleanse the Earth of Crocs.

Please, think of the angels.
Save your soul.
Stop wearing Crocs.
…no, we don’t care how comfortable they are.

I totally agree! HAHAHA. I think it’s dying out, so it’s all good. Think being the key word :(


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