mother instincts

Yes, I blog wayyyyyy too much when I have too much time on my hands.
I happen to think a lot and about a lot of stuff that seems out-of-this-world :/
If you are tracking my posts via bloglines and all that jazz, sorry and well, remove me then!
This is one of the main reasons why I stopped blogging on LiveJournal, because knowing some of my friends who join 28342342342 communities and are watching them, my endless rants will annoy the heck outta them haha.


I’ve been looking at various cooking blogs (you can see a new page up on the links about my “goals”!) and I realised many of them are mothers and have kids.

It’s my dream if I can :
1. Make bentou for kids and hubby
2. Buy toys and all sorts of stuff for my kids

This rather ODD feeling has been with me since 2009. Like it just happens… like… like… a fly suddenly flying into your mouth.
Unexpectedly, weird and WTF.

You know, I’ve been telling a few friends that OMG I want a kid. Which is super odd because past Geri back in 2005 decided that kids were bad for future Geri’s mental welfare and financial being.

What on Earth is wrong with me these few days…
It’s kinda scary to think that my mum got married and had kids like around 20-24? [Sorry don’t remember]
That’s like a few years away from me D:
And I don’t have someone in mind to “settle” down with.

I still don’t think I’m getting a hang of this… “date play” idea.
If I did, J and I will be into this whole LDR thingamajic.
If I’m already X years old and if I have till X+Y to go, mygawd how can i be playing around?

Ahh this is all mind boggling and useless rant and going all over the place, but the main point of this entry is to release my motherly urges onto one post so I can feel “ahhh~” about it later.. also so I dont think too much before getting in bed.

Don’t you hate that time before you sleep and all you do is think?
Sometimes it goes on for hours! Ridiculous!

Tomorrow’s April’s fool’s day and I’m honestly NOT gonna appreciate any of this april fools crap and not answering any (well, i’ll try) thing.


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