Blessed Good Friday

Started the morning feeling like a zombie, but had eggs and baked beans and found out we had car pool to church WOOHOO!
Then shared choco eggs!
We bought hot cross buns and got on our way to church.

We shared more choco eggs with Richard & Sam then went for service (^O^)/
I intended to buy the bible I gotten at Hillsong previously for my elder brother since we were both Christians and though the back chapters were extremely good for reflection. While going to pay for it the nice lady told me, “No, it’s for you”. I felt really like it was also a sign to spread His words to my elder brother, who has fallen in and out of faith.

Service was great and I had my first communion and was elated!
Donated to the Hillsong foundation this time as I thought charity for others would be good. Would prefer if there was some old folks home kinda charity, but I know the church would do good with the money~
Later we had hot cross buns from church which was AWESOMEEEEEE. I loved it so so much!

We met up with Regina and we went to the city for lunch and met the other guys for some Japanese curry.

What a blessed blessed day!
I really want to go for Easter Sunday service but I’ll be away (>_<)

Hope everyone will have a great Easter Sunday! (=3=)


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