Melbourne oo1

Hot cross bun that has nothing to do with this post, but it was fresh from Church!
Shared it with everyone (being Kelda, Kelly, Regina & Richard)
It was yummilicious!

Left for Melbourne the next morning (sayyy 3am ish?)
Cut to save your eyes!
Only iPhone pictures and none with me in it HAHA. [My face looked like shit due to the dry weather :( ]

For the first few days, we had cars to bring us around!
We went to see penguins and to Great Ocean Road, see the 12 apostles and what not ~

Really enjoyed sight-seeing and the driving and all the car games!
All in the manner of fun we played loser forfeits and stuff!
So many wonderful and silly memories from the Melon Mobile!

The rest of the days we spent in and around the city ~

OM NOMNOMNOM. I think I will not make egg tarts then since I satisfied my cravings hehe.

We met Steve’s friend, Marilyn and had dimsum!

Liuuuuu saaaaa baoooo! My favourite (if from 黑色会 in Singapore)
This one was baddd :(

Don’t know when but we had Thai food, (sorry i really dont rmb coz i switch from my iPhone and camera all the time hehe)

Believe it or not, this pile of waste is Green Curry Rice.
WHAT CURRY?!! Siao !

I had the most disappointing juice and then Iced Coffee too.
UBERRRR LONG story to it, but it was sad and I felt like I threw AUD8.50 to the ground and burnt it :(
Waste my money and calories :(((

One of the days we sawwww realllllyyy cheap salmon sashimi ! 12 pieces per person~ I shared with Jean~
But MYGAWD I never ate so much BADLY SLICED sashimi in my life

Kelda lost in Paper, Rock, Scissors and had to eat wasabi.
This was her second time and she wrapped it with a piece of veggie…
As soon as I took this photo of her she started crying from the heat.
Like CRY-ME-A-RIVER type of tears, dripping to the table haha.
I was too busy laughing at her to take any photos hahaha! :PPP
More memories for her and of her :PPP

This is AHPUI.

He is super cute and sometimes I want to squish him till he doesnt resemble a penguin anymore.
Wished I bought one but I didn’t :(
He was an awesome Jenga buddy.

We played many games that involved drinking and I’m apparently slightly allergic to Midori :(
FML I’m allergic to so much alcohol I feel like beer is the only safe thing *sad*
I only drank half of the uber potent mix (you put ANYTHING in it, including tea, juice, soda & ketchup. Mine was thankfully just A LOTTTT of alcohol and a mix of juice and soda) cause I could have allergy triggers. And so on the urge of friends who are sometimes saints, I stopped thankfully cause I had a slightly hard time breathing so I quickly downed 1 litre of water to flush it out :( *SAD*

Below is my SHOPPING stash! MINUS one pair of boots (only aud14.95!!)

Total damage = AUD202!

Closer look at SOME stuff hehe.

GAP tank tops AUD5 EACH!
I never wear anything GAP but it’s sooo cheap mygawd. It would have been a sin to not buy!
One tank top was originally about aud39+

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD EDT : Originally super ex everywhere!!! But I got it at ONLY aud39.95!!
The orb is super huge too, me like.

YSL BABYDOLL MINI PERFUME!!! So cheap I took it without thinking! Aud20!

Note to dad: signed for this!

Abercrombie & Fitch! What a stealll! Never worn this brand either before
Tank for AUD9.95, Shorts for like AUD30?

Never worn Guess clothes before, though I have accessories and bags and what not.
AUD30 ONLY!! Used to be AUD80! Hehehe.
Note to dad: signed for this!

I also bought a whole buncha other stuff coz they were all on discount hehe :)
I remembered I told my mum I didn’t spend much, but on the last day I blew aud180 at one go (X_X)

Update another time!


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  1. 1

    Joy said,

    why do u only take pics of lousy food! hahahaha! and the guess shorts are cute, love the buttons. :)

    • 2

      narikodesu said,

      HAHAHAH! omg that’s so true!! Whoopsie! I took pics of better food on my camera i think hahah! :P

      Yeah!! Don’t know if I have clothes to match it with yet, but who cares! So cheap! hehe

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