ASK & Faneru

They make me melt into a puddle of goo and love.
ASK & Faneru are niconico singers, they do a cover of Vocaloid songs, so they are real people singing and they can be professional singers using an alias or just an ordinary person in love with singing~
Love their voices!
Pity Faneru has a mad rabid stalker so he has stopped uploading his videos and blogging :(
He has such a lovely voice ~

Even so, I still want to keep dancing here!
Let me have this one distraction of a dream
(“Recessive, dominant, they’re just some idiots”)
With more pleasure spilling out everywhere,
The flames of the lantern become a blaze

(Ba la la ba lu la ba la happy day)

Hey, la lu la lu la do you want to dance with me?
Though there’s no chance of getting a reply
(“What a shame! What a pity!!” Said the turnip-head)
See, the coffin’s no longer here
How boring!


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  1. 1

    Angeltheya12 said,

    Awww so that’s the reason why faneru left x_<)

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