Things I learnt

Went out to surprise my 叔叔 though he wasn’t superrrr surprised and closed the door on us to put on proper clothes and clean up his bed. (WTF! haha) Stupid candles burnt so fast :(

Learnt things about people I never knew about and am quite shocked :////

Also learnt things I DIDNT NEED TO KNOW UNTIL MUCH MUCH LATER!!  *strangles 公公& 叔叔*

Today, I seriously pondered WHY ARE MY FRIENDS RETARDED haha.
Kenna teased like mad at the price of one compliment :(
But it’s okay cause I love them deepdeep.
Those idiots who made my 2009 birthday UNFORGETTABLE haha and got me awesome gifts. (Not forgetting Kymmie! LOVE YOU TOO!)

Doing work now and I am falling asleep :(



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