Bad day but friends make it alllll better

Last night Kymmie and I FINALLY went on iChat.
Super uber duper fun though worried for a friend too :(
And there were sob-inducing stories BUT afterwards it just got wonky. Hehe.

I love her hippo plushie. LOOK AT IT. Wtf haha.
I asked her to put a cup there so it looks like its drinking and KNS the cup says “tea lover” HAHAHA.
We also talked more about stupid Orcale-ness HAHA.
Chatted till it was late and we both had to sleep but it was worth it!
Totalllyyyyyy missssssss my dearestttt awesomenesssss weirdooooo nuthead friend. (TT___TT)

Had a rough day cause… my hongkong boyboy was a no show, lecture was boring, went to Myer and didnt see Bobbi Brown book on sale (as in discount), didnt see much I liked in supre, went to Korean mart fully intend on buying 2340923042 things but NOTHING :// no corndog thing and no pork…

Went back to KG to hand up assignment, went to give asian bakery one more chance, and fml worst decision ever!
BAD BAD carrot cake slice. Rawrs. I miss maxim cake and crown bakery breads in melbourne !
Then got scared by stupid bird on the way back cause it suddenly croaked (yes not chirp) and flew past me (=__=)

sad is me.

Kelda told me Charlene sent her a package and it was stuff for all of us! Hehe!

Old school chocs, earrings and a postcard each.
KNS hahaha. Racked up bad memories haha but it was really nice of her! Thanks babe!!

Ok la it wasn’t like a uber bad day but it wasn’t my best day either haha.
But I’m still good, gonna cook dinner with the housemates later! Like ole times hehe~!


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