only happy thoughts

This burger truly makes me happy !
Alfresco burger from hungry jacks!!
Miss it now, shall have it again soon hehehe.

Packed my room again, so its back to being neater than usual (:

Back to the tea center for some tea plus cupcake coz I was a bit hungry having not eaten well for lunch :(
Everything’s pink and cute hohoho.
To think I hated the colour pink long time ago :/

Japanese Cherry Tea!

Dont know why my camwhoring skills decided to suck :(

Hehehe Kels’ eyes are like slits but its ok, think she’s awesome neways, small eyes or not :P

Super bad angle for me but shushu makes weirdest faces hahaha!
And chickennehneh my roots are really showing :///

Cropped coz there was someone weird behind us D: ahaha

We had turkish food for dinner and it was really yum!!
Kinda pricey, but I felt satisfied after ~!
Before dinner and after dinner, played with shushu’s dsi!
Super awesome the photo games HAHA.

Clash of the titans was hilarious for me! All I could think of was:
1. Omg do that hair thing from avatar with the horse!
2. How come the actor for Zeus and the princess look so familiar?! (the actor was Qui Gon Jin form star wars and the actress was Kira from Chronicles of Riddick!)
3. The wood guy ! YES ITS FROM WOOD OK,  [quote: “Ian Whyte plays the most intriguing member of the group, Sheikh Suleiman, a giant warrior from a mysterious Djinn, a desert tribe who uses tree bark as armor to the point where they’ve replaced most of their flesh with wood, making them more plant than human” from] looked like he stepped out of a Might Morphing Power Rangers episode HAHAHA. Like one of the baddies the rangers have to fight. I KEPT LAUGHING / trying not to laugh, sorry seat mates :(
4. Wow…  [SPOILER!! highlight to see!] medusa is everywhere and she SOLVES EVERYONE’S PROBLEMS! (Think WARNING SPOILER!!!: Percy Jackson & the lightning thief!) Pity she’s always on the evil side. That and she looks fake in the movie!
5. How come things happen so “coincidentally” for him

So yeah funny as hell for me!
Won’t pay to watch it in 3D (i did though *sad*) but loved how they incorporated a lot of other mythological creatures like the 3 witches, remember reading about them in creative writing class and blah.

After the movie, housemates and I saw 2 possums who came extremely close to us and a kitty!! And it’s mother much later. Super pretty, the kitty is! We spent like half an hour or so trying to lure it to us and we even had a mini audience who laughed at our futile attempts haha.


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