harbour town + gold coast

Met the usual peeps and headed to Harbourtown at about 7.45am yesterday, all for the quest of me finding table 8 and then buying my boots which I didnt in Melb!
叔叔 and I played our DS on the whole train ride there and we almost missed our stop! Luckily sleepy people all woke up at the right time!

Was super hilarious! We made Cooking Mama sound like some sick dirty pervertic game HAHA

We had breakfast which was good!! (Prolly because I really really wanted hashbrowns)
Bacon was tooo salty though. Yuck!

To my UTTER dismay, didnt find the right sizes nor boots ANYWHERE  :( *sad* Should have gotten 3 pairs at one short in Melb :/ sighhhh.
But i bought another pair of abecrombie shorts!
Love their denim shorts but hate their buttons :/

Because I didn’t sleep a wink at all the previous night (no thanks to noisy as hell neighbours), I fell asleep on the way to Gold Coast. It was a spur of the moment thing that we decided to head there. It was actually for lunch, but we were still kinda full from breakfast so we went there and did funny things like:

I look like a zombie moose cause I really just woke up from the bus ride. haha.
But this hat is so cute!! There was a panda one but I already have one from Heart E~

This one is cute too! Hehehe!

After walking around more and looking at the guys spend more, we decided that we were not going to have lunch and should head back to the city for dinner haha.

On the train back, another hilarious DSing time ensued.
We communicated via Pitochat haha.
Later on when Kelly and Kelda woke up, they played along too.
Playing “Pictionary” on movies haha. Super fun!!

Had an icecream while waiting for the guys so was pretty stuffed when we got to madtongsan, thus ordered soup!
[Which came with rice, which was a good ting coz it was too spicy and I had to chuck down some rice :(]

Pretty bad, it was like spicy soup + veggies plus beef.
Spicy soup =/= kimchi soup sadly. It was like gochujjang soup.
I will stick to my kimchi fried rice in future! Hahaha.


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