to the stars!

I aim to:

1. Lose more weight !!!
2. Gain smaller thighs !!!  [i’m uber self conscious of my thighs no thanks to stupid elder brother :(]
3. Get better with my make-up skills
4. Spend more time with my dog
5. Only buy dolls when I absolutely have to
6. Fulfill cosplay goals before I get “too old”
7. Not buy too many t-shirts
8. Eat healthier [lesser instant food!]
9. Not get back into punk / lolita [coz i have no more money for it haha]
10. Not be so last-min with work and with cosplay plans!
11. Sell remaining costumes I don’t want on EBAY!

That said for point 10, I’ve gone into researching for Animania & hopefully Cosfest already~ (:
Girls cosplay for sure this time, if shit decides to hit the ceiling though, I can just pull out another chara from DOLLS.
Phewww for uniform designs!

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