HK boy didn’t turn up for class again! I wonder if he changed lectutorial times :/
Bought lotsa stuff from the Korean mart to make myself feel better.
I love my mum, really. But sometimes I think she’s a bit crazy :// Haha.

Hope Kymmie comes online soon so I can ask for her opinion on something (T3T)
She’s like the sensible voice, also known as Kym “The Oracle” Lee. (I’m Geri Anderson “The One” HAHA)

I went around many stores today in an attempt to find a blue shirt for Badou cosplay.
… Found a cool one in a guy’s section but their smallest was S and it was really too big :/
Saw one in target but I need to alter the sleeve from long to short, so I’m not too sure about it yet.
Also couldn’t find an ugly orange shirt.
Going to try harder and look for it~
Ordering my bro’s bday pressie + asking about Badou’s gun soon too!
I hope he’s super surprised!!

Today, I totally totally like my eye makeup (except i could have done my lower lashes better)
Instead of the usual way I did it, I used a P&J silver cream-based eyeshadow + liquid liner.
I seriously don’t like liquid liners (though I have like 4) because I always, by accident, draw them too thick, thankfully it was okay today! Used the anna sui one instead of the kate one.
My camera had no batt, so didnt take a picture :(

I like anna sui’s liner cause you can get a good grip and you can control your strokes better.
Love their pencil eyeliner too! Mine’s getting shorter and shorter (T_T) Thinking of switching to armani, but wtf its AUD40 a pencil!!
The kate liquid liners I bought were for thinner strokes and they are not too bad! Would recommend them too!
Can’t find my gel liner though, I hope it’s in Brissy (>_>)
Still going to slowly practise achieving nice lined eyes like Heki! (T_T)


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    Joy said,

    lets go Hong Kong!!! many HK boys there!!! :D

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