study date ♥

Arghhh my alfresco burger from HJ!! You are no where to be found huh :(
Sadded. My happy burger is gone :(
Going to make my own avocado spread then. Hmph!

Met Addie to do work, but progress is moving wayyyyy toooo slow haha.
But at least I’ve read all there’s to read, hey. Haha.
Shall work on it tomorrow since I’m gonna be busy on Sunday :/

We had pasta at vapiano or something, the italian eatery near the tea center.
aud15 for pasta, i shared one with her haha and then we went for bubble tea~~

Strawberry milk tea + egg pudding = whee!

But I got super drenched in the rain :(
Talked to the pharmacist and some other random customer about neck aches and all for a while so I caught in the rain (T_T)
But they were all very nice! Loves!
Going for a massage soon if I can find a good place !

After being uber distracted, decided to take some photos hehe:

I love whacky photos hehe.

In other news,
Waiting for Jelly & Ageha May issues to be out, going crazy waitinggggg (T^T)

Also I persuaded my mum to:
1. Not come to Brisbane
2. Not drag me to Sydney along with her (though i really want to shop ://)
3. Save money so she can bring me to Japan instead HAHA.


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