the ダイソー つけまつげ DIARY // the DAISO false lashes diary no.9

This is a visual collection of the ダイソー (the DAISO)’s false lashes!
Keep checking back for updates!
I will also demonstrate how false lashes change your eyes & makeup!

Sorry for some pictures that are of bad quality, sometimes I use my iPhone for convenience or when my camera has no battery!

※※※ Note! ※※※
I have hidden double eyelids.
Wearing false lashes makes my double eye lids appear, making my eyes bigger (^-^)/

This is for : Type 9 (Voluminous type // ボリューム タイプ)

♛ Type 9 (Voluminous type // ボリューム タイプ)

Straight lashes that are super long! (These are already cut to fit the eye!)


(I know, so scary I have to crop it out to save your eyes! :P Also, sorry my eyeshadow was fading ORZ)

After (plus more black eyeshadow):


(Picture taken from Ming)

Parfait Prince Riko says: It’s too long! My side profile looks like I have daggers sticking out, but I quite like it from the frontal view~ It looks very unnatural otherwise.

Overall : ✭ /5

♛ Other lashes

Dolly wink reviews + lash tutorial: here and here

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