Woke up late today but had pizza bread! (so yum! gonna have it again tmr!)
Also I skyped with my granny + my mum in the afternoon !! She also showed me Lucky my dog, my sad botak dog, who hates cameras and ran away from the laptop haha.

Joson came over to pass us cupcakes and to get his hair cut from Kels!

Vanilla cupcakes which i absolutely love!
Sniped the smiley face one first. It was with icing sugar and was awesome!
The rest were whipped cream topped with chocolate sprinkles which was also awesome!
(Yes, I ate 2! haha)

Tada ! Funniest thing ever! Too bad I couldnt stay for long coz I had to meet Ming and go for the radio meet~
Also met Kelly on the streets for some gossip hehe!

Stupid hair flying around :(

Fooling around while waiting for people to arrive !
Ming takes good shots!

Met the dudes for dinner + bubble tea.
I had peach milk tea with pearls from hazel tea shop.
I tried Joson’s Lychee milk tea with coffee jelly and it was WORSE!!
Thank gawd i didnt order the lychee one.
I even asked Wm for assurance before ordering mine.
Assurance = “you cant go wrong with peach right?”

Played UNO stacko. More fun than jenga coz it forces you take something diff to take hhaha.
But I love jenga too so it’s all good!

Headed home to brainstorm for radio~!

Plus! My lashes fell off and I brought EVERYTHING BUT the glue ORZ.
So makeup touch-up!

Anyways want to say a huge thank you to everybody who listened in!
And chatted with me about it and the feedback and all!
Thanks sooooooo much!
Love you guys!
Even my parents tuned in! Mum was shocked to hear Indian music coz she was too early in tuning in!
It’s not hard to recognise me, i’m the one desperately trying to speak Mandarin and failing.
In fact EVERYONE picked up on that, even my mum mentioned it. Hahaha.
Lyn said it was my “te she!” HAHAHA!! Thanks babe haha. I’m really trying my best !
Will be on every alternate Sundays. So it’s not us next Sunday, it’s Ming’s group! He was just our special guest haha~

For our group: kang shao, jin yu & me (Riko) it’s usually just the 3 of us talking so it’s not really that messy, but even though it was messy today, I thought we all had fun! And hope it was so for the listeners! Haha. Ours is a talkshow based programme, so we yak on for an hour and play 4 songs!

We are also looking for anyone in Brisbane keen to join us as our 4th DJ! Since someone dropped out!
Doesn’t matter if you are a UQ student or Griffith student [Ming is from Griff!]
You get training + certifications recognised nation-wide ! (^-^)/


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    Joy said,

    why didnt u tell me to listen in too! boohoo!

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