World is mine ♕

World is mine


The world’s number one princess
Crave it in your heart and treat me that way!

ちゃんと靴までみること いいね?

Number  1
Always notice my different hairstyles ?
Number 2
Look at me from head to toe, okay?
Number 3
For everything I say, you have to reply at least 3 words
Once you understand that, then won’t you do something about my lonely right hand?

あのね 私の話しちゃんと聞いてる?
あ! それとね白い牡馬さん
わかったら かしずいて
手をとって ”お姫様”って

Flaws? I think you mistaken it for cuteness
Complaints are not allowed!
Hey, are you listening to me carefully?
Ah! And also Mr white horse.
You should know its obvious right?
Come pick me up!
If you got that then bow and take my hand and say “princess”

べつに わがままなんて言ってないん
だから 君に心から思って 欲しいのかわいいって
でもね 少し暗いしかってくれたっていいのよ?
Not really to say I’m selfish and spoilt
I just want you to think that I’m cute in your heart
But it’s okay to scold me just a litte, don’t you think?

Composed by: ryo feat. Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid2

Lovely song stuck in my head FOREVER. Upbeat and everything!
I think everyone wants to be treated like a princess now and then (:
Translation & kanji written out by myself with some help from various online sources obviously~
Not the full song though!

You can check it out here:


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