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Monotone banzai!

One day I will try this style:

I’ve seen it on Kera and other magazines but i have NO IDEA what style this is ?
This is still a bit of a mix-vibe though.

I want to dress in all pale coloured clothes one day. Hahaa.

Do you know, it’s about 5 days till I go back~


Oh it seems like its Yuru-Nachu x mori girl style D:


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shopshop getget!

Super love Kelda, she’s my bazhang heater hahaha.

Decided to try double eyelashes today mainly coz i have seriously a lot of loose lashes that weren’t in the best shape and would do better with some support haha. [Also, have to start practicing to hone my skills before photoshoots!]

I think the double lash effect worked quite well coz my mac lashes were in badddddd shape, but with duo lashes, it was ok! I think I’m going to try triple lashes with the cross type.

I wore mac no.36 (i think or 33) with some random cheap korean lashes i got from sasa. All straight lashes~

I can’t stand my eyes hahaha.
I have a very obvious one big and one small eye and I’m still learning to make my left look similar to my right (=_=)||
Tried to use double eyelid sticker… and failed so miserably haha. I think eye pucchi will be my friend haha.
I also stuck lower lashes from daiso, it was great! Gonna get more for my cosplay makeup~

My hair is an ugly mess. Arghhh.
And why is my nose so huge even though i did shadowing? Maybe not enough.
Sian max.
hahaha. I didn’t photoshop my nose this time HAHAHA.
I will learn to love my nose the way it is haha!!!

Anyways met Kelda at city to shop keke.

Sportsgirl’s cosmetics were having a sale! Bought lots of stuff!

No idea why on Earth I bought them, I have ZERO use for them actually.
I bought the turqoise liner (AGAIN!) cause I wasn’t sure where I placed the other one I bought.
I will shit bricks if I went back to Singapore and couldnt find it. Then again… I don’t think my eye makeup will need it, but aiya just incase. Haha.

This was dinner:

I suggested porridge cause poor Kelly was sick!!!
Overstressed, overworked !

The weird coloured meat is actually luncheon meat.
Looks weird but tasted ok ! Haha.

Watched masterchef too.
Omg so happy my poor baby mattie made it past eliminations!
So proud of him, first time doing seafood and he nailed it!! <3

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breakfast at the boys

Finally woken up early to catch some yummeh breakfast at the boys with Kels and her mum~
Poor Kelly had to go do work again.

B.R.A.T sandwich.
It’s so lovely! I love everything about it!
The bread was soft too!

Hot dark chocolate!

Auntie paid for breakfast despite our huge protesting and shoving money to and fro haha.
Thanks Auntie! (T__T)

I went home to iron clothes and then sleep more.
Didn’t get a good rest the night before~

I woke up to knocking and red rooster!
Didnt take photocause i was very (@__@) still and full!

For dinner, it was yesterday’s curry and prata!


Goodness, I’m afraid to weigh myself already! Hahaa.

I finished my assignment, and to my dismay O-M-G, it was extended for a week, I totally forgot he may have mentioned that at lecture when i was dozing off.  But it’s good I finished it anyway! If not I’ll be worrying about 2 assignments!! D:
Thanks to: Kelda, Kelly, Kym, Weimin, Steve and Jin Hong for cheering me on hahaha. OH!! AND NEWS! Without your ganbatte song, i may have never completed it in record time HAHAHAHA.

Gonna start the next one tomorrow night ! (I hope!!)

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monster carnival crew revamp!

CUT for those uninterested!
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Woke up to crumplets and bazhang!!!!!!!

The housemates’ mum made them for us!
Super duper happy!

Super thanks to Kelda who heated it up for me too haha.

Despite eating awesome bazhang, i was still in shitty mood, it was time to bring out my friend!

Initially bought the smaller pack (which i gobbled up days ago) cause it had a funny name haha.
It’s really good, that, or I just really like crinkle cut chips :P

Guys + Jean came over later in the evening for dinner~

And, my friends, Chinese dinner at KG was never THAT awesome!


Nonya-type curry! Ah nia missed you so!

Seriously i ate the most chicken. Half my plate were chicken bones!
I didnt even realise how much i was eating until i looked at everyone’s plate and felt like a monster. Hahaha.

Later the rest had almond jelly and longan.
Of course i didnt have that coz i dont like almond jelly :/
And then tiramisu which Kelda made.
Honestly it was good just wet! Haha. And i didnt like the idea of it not being baked. I’m weird, I know. But i ate lots of bites from it !

OMG. I’m not stepping onto the scale tomorrow for sure!
I ate like a monster today seriously!
But I’m still happy :)
Thank you so much Auntie! Hope you use the gift card to get awesome stuff for yourself/home!

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this unproductive feeling…

sucks balls.

I think it’s PMS.

All I want to do is :
1. Eat junk food
2. Watch more videos
3. Shop
4. Sleep

I don’t feel like doing any work at all!!
This is crazy!!!

i really feel like poop now.

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钻石夜总会: Make-up transformation segment


Look at the various skills and transformations!

From what I got from watching
1. Use 2 or more lashes
2. Flip eyelid sticker the other way around
3. Use abit of eyelash glue to create double eyelids instead of buying glues for it (save money! :P)
5. Use highlighter for T-areas and shadowing around face!

However, I will not recommend using eyelash glue directly on your eye to stick eyelashes !! That’s bad!!
More from Guess show:
Kitty is on also!:

So sad! Their BFs broke up with them cause of their fresh faces :(

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