ironman 2 and others!

The other day I finall got off my lazy behind and madeeeee beehoon!!
Awesome but i miss it with stewed pork!

Liz Lisa dress! I wore a skirt underneath to make it more poofy, like it better that way~|
Super urge to buy another dress I saw online (T_T);
Had an “interview” that day which was really more like a briefing.
Got the job and am totally psyched!

Finally we had sweetopia for tea yesterday. Was in a bad mood so I splurged on tea.
Tea cost me $11.80 (X_X);
But it made me happy, so OH WELL.

We went to watch ironman 2 and i loved it despite shaky and bad camera angles sometimes.
Love love love!!!

After that we had dinner at grilled!

Jean & I ~

Retarded people whom I love haha!

Had fun chatting about everything and anything.
They are people who can keep things to themselves (though they sometimes blurt out shit HUH SHUSHU HUH!)
I hate loudmouth tale-tatters (=_=)

Super super duper gonna miss Weimin when he grads!
Thank gawd Steve, Joson & Desmond will still be around (T3T)


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