crazy friends i ♥

The other day, the Ks, Steve, Weimin and I met up for curry!
To our dismay, kadoya was closed, but we had curry at hanaichi!

After which we went to the Festival Cellar to get some booze for the gathering the next day~
Awesome booze place!

We also played scratchies (because of a long conversation between Sandra and I which I then told Steve! :P)
I will blog about that another time!

We walked into Jayjay’s and did funny stuff like so:

My shades has a cookie monster imprint on the sides!

Spongebob Kelda with spongebob bag + glasses. We wanted her to wear the cap too but it was too over haha.

It has batman logos on them! Coolios max! I chose it for him too! hehe.

No help from me, he chose on his own. Steve the hentai jiji with elmo shades!
We then chillax at south bank and got some chinese food coz of the celebrations they had + laugh at people haha.


We had a pizza + chicken + booze + donut gathering today!
Pity some people couldn’t make it / didn’t know they were invited too haha whoops?
We had all sorts of stuff!!
Sapporo, Asahi, Hite, Barcadi freezers (lime and grape fruit), Sake with gold flakes and Choya~!

Steve, Kels and I had a beer each while waiting for everyone + choya!
Steve prolly wasn’t that high but he was marching haha!
Kels and I were red and were highhhhhh like the sky! Great feeling!

This is my high no makeup face:

So scary!
The wallet was supposed to show how red my face was, but alas cannot catch.
Then kelda decided to laugh and move around thus she looks like ghost here!
I think the nandos + pizza capers people thought we were nuts!
But it was sooooo much fun!! :P
I created a pizza name as pizza capers people ALWAYS without fail mess up my name, so off my head I said “Amy” dont ask! I was going to say “Ann” but was afraid they would spell it as “ant” haha! And I couldnt rmb my handphone number from laughing too hard in my head haha so Kels had to give hers hahaa.

We were high and loud from the alcohol and went a bit kuku haha.

Got back and sniped fries before anyone else haha!
Had chats about radio topics and all plus playing the xbox360 with steve’s harddisk~ Lotsa fun!

Gotta love my crazy friends! <3 Kekeke!
Hope we can hang out again ! Probably a picnic ! :P


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